Water Damage Claim &Insurance Adjuster in Chicago & Glenview, IL

Water Damage Claim: Top 3 Secrets of Public Insurance Adjusters You Had No Idea About

Water Damage Claim Chicago: The insurance adjuster Chicago works on behalf of policyholders to help people who have insurance get the most out of their claims. However, when your property has been heavily damaged or if you suffered total property loss in Chicago, Glenview, Hanover Park, Highland Park or Lincolnwood then you might be at a disadvantage…

Here are some things to look after when you file a water damage claim Glenview:

  1. It is time consuming. You might face at least one year of insurance claims process which will eat up most of your time and nerves. At the end of this process you will be so exhausted that you will give in to the insurance company’s terms.
  2. Avoid accepting checks which are marked as “full and final settlement”. Besides being illegal for the insurer to issue such a check (at least in the state of California), the moment you cash it you give up any chances of receiving further refunds.
  3. Ask for a local Insurance adjuster Glenview to evaluate your home. In many cases of  water damage claim and natural disaster recovery situations lots of insurance companies call adjusters from other states who are not familiar with the local costs. If this is your case, inform your insurance company that you want a local adjuster to evaluate your losses.

Other things which are employed by insurance companies to help them save money include: trying to replace your expensive damaged belongings with new, cheap items; convincing you to settle for less by bringing you to the edge of mental exhaustion; making you sleep in a shelter, even though your insurance entitles you to additional living expenses such as staying at a hotel and paying for your food.