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Public Adjusters Serving Chicago, Glenview, Skokie, Highland Park, and Lincolnwood IL

Public adjusters are licensed by the Department of Insurance to provide assistance to the insured when processing and negotiating an insurance claim. A public adjuster is retained to handle the claims process on the behalf of the insured. If you try to present a claim on your own, you are at a disadvantage. Remember, insurance companies hire professionals to represent their interests.
When you hire Musick Loss Management, Inc., we work as your advocate.

The Insurance Claims Adjustment Process

If you have sustained fire, flood or other property damage to your home or business, the experienced adjusters at Musick Loss Management, Inc. are here to help. We will assist you throughout the insurance claims adjustment process, including:

  • CONTRACT REVIEW: The most critical element when dealing with your insurance claim is the actual insurance policy.  Our professionals will thoroughly review and analyze your insurance policy in order to make sure that all of your policy provisions are satisfied.  In addition, filing deadlines and additional coverages will be reviewed to maximize your claim.
  • DOCUMENT DISCOVERY: The more thorough your claim is documented and prepared, the quicker we will be able to obtain a favorable settlement for you and your family.  Musick Loss Management, Inc. will compile all necessary components in order to satisfy the conditions of your policy.  Remember, it is up to you, the insured, to prove your loss to the insurance company.  Without proper documentation, the insurance company may deny thousands of potential dollars your rightfully owed.
  • CLAIM PREPARATION: After an exhaustive document discovery process, Musick Loss Management, Inc., will prepare your claim for each aspect of the claims process required by the insurance company.  We will ensure that your claim is well prepared in order to recover all of your entitlements afforded under your policy, typically encompassing building, personal property (contents), business interruption, loss of rents, additional living expenses, as well as code upgrades and possible other extensions of coverage.  Some of these areas are generally overlooked, costing the insured thousands of dollars out of their pockets.
  • CLAIMS PROCESS: From the onset of our representation and throughout the entire claims process, Musick Loss Management, Inc. will handle all correspondence, inquiries and requirements set forth by the insurance company.  Not only will this ensure accuracy, but it will alleviate the burden and stress that typically comes with the claims process.  Leave this stress to the professionals.
  • CLAIM PRESENTATION: After we have established the value of your losses, we will then begin the negotiation process with the insurance company, which includes on-site evaluations as well as encompassing third-party opinions on your loss.  Throughout this process, Musick Loss Management, Inc.’s representatives will keep you informed as to the status of your claim, ensuring that your expectations will be met.  Keep in mind that you are the client and that a settlement will not be accepted without your approval.
  • ADDITIONAL CLAIM SERVICES OFFERED: Our services extend to the following areas of adjustment and construction: Fire, wind, water, smoke, hail, explosion, looting, theft, and vandalism. Remember, as a policyholder, you are entitled to have your own licensed public adjuster as your advocate. Whenever an unfortunate event strikes that renders a loss to your property and / or contents, Musick Loss Management, Inc. can help.

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