Public Adjuster in Chicago, Lincolnwood, Northfield, Park Ridge, and Nearby Cities

Every person knows about the importance of having insurance but claiming insurance is a completely different feat. To recover the maximum amount of material damage, you need to be adept at claiming the right amount. This is why you need the assistance of an expert public adjuster who is skilled and trained in the field. When processing and negotiating your claim, these professionals make sure that they present a solid case on your behalf. So, whether you have sustained a fire or major water damage, we at Musick Loss Management can help you. We understand all your needs as a client and strive to meet all your expectations. Right from contract review which is the most crucial step of initial analyzing to claim presentation which is the actual negotiation process, we will be right by your side. So, if you live in areas like Chicago, Highland Park, Lincolnwood, Northbrook, Northfield or Park Ridge, then we can be the perfect choice for you.

Public Adjuster in Chicago, Lincolnwood, Northfield, Park Ridge

Here are two things to keep in mind before hiring a public adjuster. Take a look.

  • Are they licensed?

Before everything, make sure that your chosen adjuster has all the proper licenses to practice in your state. Along with the firm, each staff should have their own individual Public Adjuster License. He or she should be experienced in the area and have a good track record in serving his/her clients. You can conduct a short background check in order to make sure that they maintain a clean board.

  • What is Their Contract Fee?

While most adjusters work on a fee that ranges from 5%-15% of the insurance of respective insurance claim, it is always negotiable. The fee that you will finally agree on will depend on a number of factors including the size of your loss and the status of your claim. While a public adjuster needs to be experienced and reputed, he or she should also be flexible and match your financial capability.

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