Property Damage Claims in Glenview, Morton Grove, and Niles

Most of us buy property insurance policies with the thought that we’re doing it “just in case something happens”. We don’t always think that we will need to file property damage claims.

So whenever we find ourselves facing the hard truth, we’re thankful that, a few months in advance, we made a decision to purchase that property insurance… just in case.

Property damage claims are among the most common claims people file in the country, including cities such as Chicago, Des Plaines, Glenview, Hanover Park, Highland Park, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge, Skokie.

Here are a few things to watch out for when filing Property Damage Claims in Glenview, Morton Grove, and Niles:

  1. Don’t sign a release document if you are not fully satisfied with the payment options offered by the insurance agency
  2. You are not bound to make the insurance claim with the another party (if another party is involved in property damage – see car damage, for example)
  3. Take photos of the damaged property and keep them safe

Accidents happen all the time and it is a good thing that you can file property damage claims to recover your losses. Especially when we’re talking about home damage (such as fire damage or flood damage), because you can live in peace knowing that the insurance policy will cover the losses for you.

Even though it is a traumatic experience, you have to keep an objective attitude and an open eye on things. If you want to get your insurance coverage for the losses you suffer, the very first thing to do right after the damage is to consult your insurance policy. The second one is to make property damage claims.

The bottom line is, make sure your insurance is signed with a trustworthy, honest, and professional insurance agency; an agency that gives you the release as a separate document and doesn’t ‘hide’ it at the back of the check.