Mt. Prospect, Northbrook and Chicago, IL Insurance claims

Get help with insurance claims

Insurance claims often involve substantial amounts of money and filing them can be a daunting process. Insurance companies have certain rules and requirements when it comes to filing claims and if you don’t follow them correctly, your claim could be compromised. Musick Loss Management are public adjusters and they specialize in insurance claims and they can help you with your next claim. So whether you have a fire claim in Evanston or water damage claim in Northbrook, let insurance claims experts assist you.

A public adjuster works for you and not the carrier. The carriers have their own nasty people called inspectors and assessors. They are not on your side. They will scrutinize your claim and if you have not filed your claim correctly, or filed it late, or have not included sufficient supporting documentation, your claim could be in all sorts of trouble. You don’t want that because that means you will be losing money, lots of it.

A public adjuster will hold your hand through the entire claims process and if you have a valid claim you can be confident you will get the settlement and pay-out you are entitled to. Insurance companies know how to find faults, look for exclusions and drag things out. With a public adjuster on your side it will be more difficult for a carrier to find faults and delay matters ad infinitum.

Public adjusters understand the nature and processes involved with insurance claims. You and I don’t have the knowledge or experience to deal effectively with a carrier who is no rush to pay you. A public adjuster will study your policy carefully to ensure you have a valid claim and that your claim is filed and processed in accordance with your policy conditions.

A public adjuster can also assist with related matters such as emergency recovery and restoration processes since they know deal with these situations on a daily basis and they know which companies can provide fast and effective disaster recovery services.