Insurance Adjuster & Fire Insurance Claim in Chicago, Glenview, IL

Insurance Adjuster Chicago: Getting Rid Of The Unpleasant Smoke Odor And Wall Stains

Insurance Adjuster Chicago: After accidental fire affects your home the only thing you dream about is having your guests come over to your place and ask you, “Are you sure there was a fire in this house?” In other words, you want all smoke and unpleasant odor out.

How can you do this?

First of all, submit a fire insurance claim Chicago. Then, have an insurance adjuster Glenview come over to your place and evaluate the damage.

The next thing to do is contact a fire damage restoration team who will take care of your home: they will clean it up and implement a few things to help get the smoke odor out of your clothes, textiles and furniture.

Once all these things have been taken care of you will have to fight the smoke odor on your own.

Here are a few things you can do to get rid of the unpleasant smoke smell and the unaesthetic wall stains:

  1. 1.       Removing smoke odor from textiles

You need to use products called “counteractants”. For this you will need the help of a professional. After you submit the fire insurance claim Glenview, start looking for someone who can help you get the smoke out of your textiles. If you search online you will see that there are lots of websites where you can find DIY solutions; text them first and, if they don’t work, ask for help from a professional.

  1. 2.       Cleaning soot stains from walls

Soot is ugly and messy; you want it out of your home and you want it quick. Just a reminder: soot will not be taken into consideration by the insurance adjuster Chicago, because it is something you can mend. If in Chicago, Glenview, Hanover Park, Highland Park, or Lincolnwood, go to a cleaning supply company and ask for a chemical sponge. It works wonders!