Fire Insurance claim in Chicago, Highland Park and Lincolnwood

What Do You Need To Do Before Submitting a Fire Insurance Claim?

Fire Insurance Claim Chicago: Many people paid their fire insurance in time but could not get the money they needed for fire damage restoration because the insurance companies refused to accept their requests. Having an insurance against fire damage is not enough.

You need to know the steps you have to go through in order to make sure your insurance company will give you the money you need (and deserve!).

Do you need help with Fire Insurance claims in Chicago, Highland Park and Lincolnwood , Glenview, Hanover Park, Highland Park, or here are the 3 most important things you will need to do before submitting your claim:

  1. 1.     Make a list of all the things that have been destroyed in the fire

For a realistic estimate of the damage, you will have to hold on to everything that was affected by the fire. The insurance company will ask for these things, and if you cannot prove they have been lost in the fire, you will not get your money for them.

  1. 2.     File your claim ASAP to the insurance company

The insurance company needs to act quickly because you need time and space for fire damage restoration. Therefore, it is important that they move fast so you can go back to your life as soon as possible.

  1. 3.     Get the right repair estimates

If you keep all the belongings which were destroyed in the fire, you are more likely to get the right repair estimates.

Lots of people live with the fear that filling fire insurance claim Highland Park will lead to the insurance companies dropping their claims. However, this is not the case with REAL fire damage claims. As long as you file your fire insurance claim Lincolnwood legitimately, the company will have no reason to refuse your request. In case they do so, it is time to hire an adjuster and an attorney. The company will change their mind about their decision in no time.