Fire Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Claims In and Around Chicago

Fire Damage Claims Chicago: What to do after a fire?

 A fire causes deterioration by soot and smoke on the different types of materials such as stone, brick, wood, concrete, metal, electrical panels, etc. Also the use of the water in the extinction of the fire produces an annoying smell of mould. Especially in Industrial Ships, the particularity of not using water or abrasive particles makes the dry ice blasting cleaning method ideal for the recovery of electrical panels and machinery in general, limiting to the minimum the surcease of production. Cryogenic cleaning allows a fast fire damage restoration, even in the less accessible places like the narrow angles of the beams, the areas around the cloves, the cables, the pipes etc., all this without damaging the integrity of the surface. In case of fire, it is very important to intervene as quickly as possible because the fire residues tend over time to leave a black stain, especially on porous surfaces, difficult to remove.

Companies that are dedicated to fire damage restoration may be the best alternative to clean and rescue your belongings. If you live in Chicago,Glenview,HanoverPark,Highland Parkor Lincolnwood can find companies that offer this service, in the phone book. We will present you some tips for rescue of goods:

• Clothes. Before you begin, please keep in mind the following: test your clothes before you start any treatment, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes it is possible to remove the smell of smoke and soot from clothing by washing them with disodium phosphate.

• Kitchen tools. You must wash the pots, pans, cutlery, etc. , with soapy water, rinse and then polish with a fine powder cleaner.

• Appliances. Do not use the appliances that have been exposed to heat without a prior review of an engineer.

• Money replacement. Touch the money burned as little as possible. Try to encase each banknote or portion of a banknote in plastic wrap for storage; any Federal Reserve Bank will change your banknotes