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Fire Damage Claim: 3 Useful Tips

Want to boost your odds on getting paid on your fire damage claim…?

Especially in places like Southern California, fires are a common threat. It is important to stay informed on how to file fire insurance claims.

In the attempt to save money, insurance companies are constantly trying to cut corners.Thus, you should stay informed in order not to get a hard time from your insurance company regarding your claim.

Here are 3 useful tips that will boost your odds on getting paid on your fire damage claim:

Press the insurance company to act as soon as possible!

Keep in mind that policyholders are required for insurance policies. To get the process started asap, call you insurance agent as soon as you can.

A proof of lost claim will be required for you to submit. The proof of lost claim is the form on which you include all the belongings you have lost and their value.

Here is a useful list of information you should include in your claim:

  • Date of loss
  • Type of loss or damage
  • Location of damage
  • Any related injuries
  • Others involved
  • Condition of the home
  • Description of damaged contents
  • Whether or not temporary repairs are necessary
  • A police report

Secure your property

Make sure you secure your property and take reasonable care of it. The insurance company will require you to do so. Remember that if only one section of your house is damaged you will have to take proactive measures in preventing further damage. This process is called “mitigating damage” which means reducing the amount of damage.

Mitigate damages include:

  • Covering holes in the walls and roof to protect from the elements
  • Boarding up or building a fence to prevent looters
  • Smoldering all embers
  • Moving property that is at risk of further damage

Don’t overlook your insurance claim!

It is a common occurrence that in stressful times it is likely that you may overlook previous insurance claims or forget to list an item of value. Keep you claim open in order to be able to discover something you forgot formerly.

Keep in mind:

  • You do have the power to give yourself more time before consenting to closing your insurance claim.
  • If the insurance company sends you a check with a message like “acceptance of this payment will close your claim.” You are not obliged to accept it! Send back a letter thanking them for the payment but add that you do not consider the claim closed.

If you have further questions on the matter, feel free to contact the team at Musick Loss Management. They are service-based, and their primary objective is to help you through the entire property damage claims adjustment process and to achieve the fairest and most equitable insurance recovery entitled to you. You can find them in Chicago, Des Plaines, Glenview, Hanover Park, Highland Park, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge and Skokie.