Cost of Fire Damage Restoration in Northfield and Des Plaines

Just imagine that fire has enveloped a part of your abode due to a short circuit and all your valuable assets have been badly damaged apart from the structure of your home. You have called up the fire fighters to extinguish the fire. After the fire trucks depart, your property will suffer from not only fire and smoke damage but also from widespread water damage from fire fighting efforts by the fire fighters, leaving you perturb your daily life for several months. Do you know what should you do next when you are faced with fire damage restoration? First of all, what you require to do is take the help of some licensed professionals to remove smoke and water, protect the surfaces from mould and corrosion, clean the items that can be saved, get rid of those items that cannot be recovered and finally contact your insurance company to report your fire damage claim as soon as possible . At Musick Loss Management, Inc., we pride ourselves on restoring as much of your home and your possessions as possible and putting you back in your home as quickly as we can. Contacting us at 773-529-9500 will make each and every step of this difficult procedure much simpler on both you as well as your family members. The costs of fire damage restoration are quite expensive and unavoidable unless you depend on a professional and full-service restoration company like us who already own all the right tools required to get the task done correctly. Now, just have a look at the 3 basic types of costs which you should be expecting from fire damage restoration novices as given below:

1.Soot removal costs- Indoor fire smoke emission not only leaves behind large amounts of soot stains all over the place including- attires, appliances and carpets but also a pungent odor. Hence, it must be quickly eliminated or else the soot stains will become permanent, which of course, you do not want.

2.Water damage costs- Getting rid of an indoor fire generally involves boatloads of water from fire fighters while using fire sprinkler systems. No matter what, the excess water must be removed and the valuable household items must be dried quickly so that mold does not occur and any items that suffered water damage should be repaired.

3.Deodorization costs- Using advanced methods, such as- ozone treatments and dry cleaning will help you to get rid of the foul smell in carpets, attires and furniture produced by the fire smoke. In most cases, the valuable items are removed from abodes and are treated in a special place.

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We believe that fire damage restoration is incomplete without having properly cleaned up the property. With us, there is no to worry about the clean-up process. Our customer service policy dictates us to clear out the debris and leave only when you are satisfied with the work.